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Lets explore together “Virtual Reality”, the astonishing and new possibilities offered by the renewing of the medium with the advance of the screens and microcontroller technology and the open source/hardware movement. It gave birth to the Oculus Headset or more recently the OSVR devkit, with open and free tools. For artists, developers or scientists of any field, students : the 6 November : presentation and hands-on workshops. For a more broad public : the 7 November, presentation of artistic and scientific projects using these media.

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date(s)& schedule

Fri 6 & Sat 7 / 11 / 2015
Workshops & Presentations
Professionals, Partners, Students
on registration

Sat 7 / 11 / 2015
Public presentation and demo : on registration only - limited places

Program of workshop and presentation

OSVR - Open Hardware VR Headset and Peripherals - Yuval Boger - Sensics Inc. (US) - demo/presentation
OSVR stands for both a general layer for interfacing Virtual Reality tools, input and output, screens and actuators, as well as for the flagship development of an open source head mounted display, hackable and upgradable, very needed to be able to adapt this center piece of VR to specific needs in any field. Yuval Boger, CEO of the pioneering company Sensics Inc. responsible for the design of this helmet, will join us trough video chat to explain the whereabouts of this HMD system and OSVR stack. We'll have an HMD in demonstration and a workshop to learn how to use it and other devices trough OSVR.
Thin Synch'd Spaces - Art experience - Olm-e(Be) - demo/presentation
identi.ca_uploads_o1me_2015_5_27_krsoja.jpg Once a video installation made for a cave like setup, this experience is now being translated to Head Mounted Display system. Exploring a composite city scape with time distortion and a special freedom of movement across the landscape with spacialised sound.
Skeleton Merger - Mocap tools for distributed sensors - FrankieZafe(Be) - demo/presentation/workshop
Developing a tool to permit the cross recognition of bodies through multiple machines, FrankieZafe is pushing the limits of commonly used kinect hardware so it can cover large spaces for interactive use in art, museum or didactic presentations.
Free-Will… - Art/Science experience - K.Wende - UCL,F/LAT (Be-De) - demo/presentation
A graphical experience inspired by the research in cognitive process by Kim Wende who's research focus is on finding the elements of the consciousness and free will in the processing of the physical perception treatments by the brain.
V-ERAS - Mars Exploration Module Simulator - Mars Society (It) - demo/presentation
erasproject.org_wp-content_uploads_2015_02_habitat-e1423953169112.jpg With the Mars Society, we'll have a demonstration and workshop of both a simulation of a virtual Mars Exploration Module, and a specially developed hardware omni-treadmill permitting the simulation of micro-gravity by lifting the user. Challenging the leaders in the field while using free software, they present a astounding combination of self developed tools on a budget faster than the industry still awaited products to help developing knowledge and practical experiences.
Da-Vinci and others - Medical Simulators and solutions - A.Shaeffer, … (De-Ch) - demo/presentation
Developing tools for medical application and simulators to train surgeons with the DaVinci Robot, Albert Schaeffer and his team show and tell their experience with free software development.
BenderVR - Software VR Solution - limsi.fr(Fr) - presentation/workshop
blendervr.limsi.fr_lib_exe_fetch.php_w_1200_tok_4ad75e_media_blendervr-slideshow.jpgworking on the base of Blender, the now leading free software tool for 3D , the Limsi laboratory team has enhanced it to accomodate an arbitrary number of realtime rendered screens and input device using the leading protocol for VR communication VRPN, and a specially designed sound engine using OSC communication. This is a key element into developing caves and simulations of great quality for academia, industry or art pieces.
Web VR - intro workshop
VR is coming to your browser, and we'll have a session to discover WebVR, or VR for the web. With a intro to the technology, we will learn together how to create 3D graphics on the web and how to display them over a VR head set. also, discussions on what are the possibilities of it, from local apps to a complete new web architecture leading to a possible distributed multiverse, or augmented reality systems downloadable on a smartphone. Follow the first steps with Roman and Fabien from OpenTechSchool Brussels -
Peril in Daïza - Game - Flossmanuals (Fr-Be) - demo/presentation/workshop
identi.ca_uploads_o1me_2014_11_10_opcepg.jpg While developed as a simple tutorial game to learn the Blender Game Engine with Flossmanuals.fr, a simple adaptation has been made to enjoy it with a stereo HMD and dive into it's cute graphical universe. Demonstration and workshop (to be confirmed)

6 Novembre, 10h - 18h

time room 1 room 2 room 3
10 - 11 demo setup and presentation
11 - 12
12 - 13
13 - 14 demo BlenderVR WS
14 - 15 demo
15 - 16 demo
16 - 17 demo blender Game engine + VR
17 - 18 demo

7 Novembre, 10h - 19h

Open to public 13h - 19h

time room 1 room 2 room 3
10h30 - 11 demo Skeleton merger
11 - 12 demo
12 - 13 demo
13 - 14 demo TSS+PerilenDaiza WebVr
14 - 15 demo FreeWill
15 - 16 demo Blender GE in Medical
16 - 17 demo BlenderVR Pres
17 - 18 demo V-Eras - Aldebran
18 - 19 demo OSVR/Sensics

practical infos

Contact & reservations :

To reserve your seat for the visits and the workshops,

please fill in this form with a mail, your name and interest (demo visit or workshop) :

registration are now closed,

if you really really want to attend, send us a mail to vr@f-lat.org so we can see what we can do …

So we can organize this event, we ask you to send us a voluntary donation our the account of F/LAT

IBAN : BE75 5230 8062 4051

please consider a minimum of 10€ for the visits, and 50€ for the workshops.

These funds are used to pay for the travels and organisational costs of the event.

You'll receive confirmation of your reservation and payment after some days, if you don't ear from us, don't hesitate to poke us… :

Contact : vr@f-lat.org


adress : F/LAT asbl, 28-30 boulevard Albert II, World-Trade-Center Tour I, 25e étage

access : par transports en commun : descendre à la gare du Nord

map : http://osm.org/go/0EoTliUnh-?m=

Bigger map / Carte plus grande

Partners :



be a partner : contact us to help building this event together

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