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Free / Libre Arts and Technologies

collective and collaborative

R&D – School - Workshop

What ?

a platform

  • a structure for research and experiments (F/LAT.dev)
  • an international school (F/LAT.edu)
  • a platform for networking and activities (F/LAT.tmp)

The specific administrative structure is still being discussed (asbl/vzw + coorperative ? )

Why ?

by and for artists and creatives


  • gather scattered, lonely and often orphaned experimentations, to create a critical mass more strong and durable.
  • encouraging the transmission of collective knowledge instead of techno isolation
  • blooming projects that are often kept as intention notes
  • explore ways and path only possible by the meeting of diverse people and ideas shared across time and space

How ?

Free/libre software and hardware

teachings and researches, all the techniques and projects must be based on methods and software that are free (as in free speech) and open, using open standards.


F/LAT is a place where the boundaries between arts fade away, become porous and fertile There is no distinction between the diverse fields of arts and expressions. transversal subjects, and not a focus on a discipline or academical category.

Where ?

in Brussels

at the crossroad of Europe and the world,

in a multicultural city with a size of a big village

many languages and culture cross and exchange

short and fast connections with other regional and international hubs of arts and technologies.

experimental spaces


This space is here to offer a place where ideas only evoked by the technical research can become real artistic experiments, impossible to develop in a context of a real production scenario. the preliminary researches permit ideas to fix themselves on the adequate tools and helps other unexpected events to bring new ideas to lights.

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