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Free / Libre Arts and Technologies

collective and collaborative

R&D – School - Workshop

What ?

a platform

What not !

F/LAT is not

  • a production space
  • a diffusion - exhibition - show place
  • an academical school

Why ?

by and for artists and creatives


  • gather scattered, lonely and often orphaned experimentations, to create a critical mass more strong and durable.
  • encouraging the transmission of collective knowledge instead of techno isolation
  • blooming projects that are often kept as intention notes
  • explore ways and path only possible by the meeting of diverse people and ideas shared across time and space

Where ?

concerning space(s)

in Brussels

  • at the crossroad of Europe and the world,
  • in a multicultural city with a size of a big village
  • many languages and culture cross and exchange
  • short and fast connections with other regional and international hubs of arts and technologies.

1000 plateaux / physical spaces

F/LAT is happening at different spaces along the year, following the relevant activities around. For the establishment of a perenial knowledge and practice base, F/LAT is actually seeking for a min 250m² plateau to install a modular space distribution, where diverse cells can interact and have their own intimacy, while evolving over the time.

The space would also benefit to be in the direct environment of the participating groups. (ex. sharing of a bigger space)

For now, F/LAT is located into temporary offices, 45 rue du Canal 1000 Brussels.

How ?

Free/libre software and hardware

teachings and researches, all the techniques and projects must be based on methods and software that are free (as in free speech) and open, using open standards.


F/LAT is a place where the boundaries between arts fade away, become porous and fertile There is no distinction between the diverse fields of arts and expressions. transversal subjects, and not a focus on a discipline or academical category.


How we organize this big mess ?

⇒ we propose an environment

Flat (non)hierarchy

No hierarchy, only revocable mendates to take charge of tasks/programs, Continuous participation to decision process and General Assembly with active members.

3 levels of involvments :

  • active members with responsabilities/charges (organizers)
  • active members without responsabilities/charges (participants)
  • supportive members without charge/responsabilities (passive supporters)

modular cells

The main cells that interact together, that structure the platform in 3 complementary dynamics:

  • F/LAT.dev - Research and development
  • F/LAT.tmp - Community Events
  • F/LAT.edu - Knowledge base and education program



  • Here ideas only evoked by the technical research can become real artistic experiments, impossible to develop in a context of a real production scenario.
  • Preliminary researches permit ideas to fix themselves on the adequate tools and helps unexpected events to bring new ideas to lights.
  • These artistic research are made in a constant feedback and integration of the technological research and development, and helps the inventions, the production, the transformation and the dissemination of tools and methods.
  • Crossing techniques and technology, artistic experimentations based on generic tools to subvert and transform them. Collaborations with other groups of technicians (ex. university labs, hackerspace, fablabs, artist collectives, etc… )


see the Calendar of activities in our out of F/LAT

Communities event around the sharing of know-how, participative experiments, short intensive and year long open workshops together to discover, exchange and support very diverse practicies.

Regular non constraining activities of sharing, helping the porosity of the space. Events like master-classes, lectures, hackatons, code-sprint, code4kids, etc.


A formal tutorat by experimented artists for people willing to start a intensive process allong a full year and a personal project (even vague at start):

exemple of schedule :

  • 1 meeting / week with their tutor, during one afternoon and with 2 or 3 students of the interest.
  • 2 + meeting / month with all the students, an interdisciplinary meeting to share the advancements of the projects.
  • 1 + meeting / month with a researcher of the F/LAT.dev


commercial companies

http://www.olimex.com http://www.periactes.com

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