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april 16th till april 30th 2016

Gstreamer course by ptr_ (pieter heremans) on Saturdays (10-16h? we can discuss your preference); @ F/LAT (WTC Tower_1, 25th Floor)

Weekly 3h- session in our classroom (3 Saturdays time to be defined) + on-line assistance during the full duration of the course

gstreamer is a massive software-library for audio/video encoding/transcoding/decoding – it provides multiple user interfaces (commandline, python, c/c++) all with their own possibilities (though we'll focus on the commandline and python-based interfaces in this course) mainly in describing 'pipelines' : a graph based structure describing the needed functionality, and an event-based system to handle clocks/network/user interaction.

more info and registration : gstreamer workshop

30/04-01/05 and 21/05-22/05 2016

David Rosenboom performing a blended version of his compositions On Being Invisible and In the Beginning I (Electronic) at El Colegio De México (Mexico City) in 1978. Used by permission. Photographer: unknown.

Biofeedback course by Valery Vermeulen
Workshop on 2 weekends: 30/04-01/05 and 21/05-22/05 2016
@ F/LAT (WTC Tower_1, 25th Floor)

All day session - session in our classroom
(2 full weekends, doors open 9h45, workshop starts 10h00 – going on till 17h00)
+ on-line assistance during the full duration of the course

As starting point of the workshop an overview is presented on how biofeedback was and is used by various artist and in different artistic contexts.

→

05-12-19-26 May 2016


course by ptr_ (pieter heremans) (with interventions by j0)
on Thursdays in May 2016
@ F/LAT (WTC Tower_1, 25th Floor)

axoloti is a digital synthesizer, developed & produced this past year by Johannes Taelman.

It's comparable in it's capabilities in sound synthesis to tools like supercollider, puredata, ea. but provides it on a standalone embedded platform, with high quality stereo audio in/out, midi in/out and gpio (think leds, buttons, rotary dials etc.)

Weekly 3h- session in our classroom
(4 Thursday-evenings (or late afternoon)
+ on-line assistance during the full duration of the course

→

02/06/2016 18h

MTR_Ctrl Work in progress

Presentation of the state of progress on the modular motor controller Hosni (H05N1) is working on, with the first goal to control a reclaimed pick-and-place CNC chassis

more info on the project (french) : MTR_Ctrl

09/12/2016 18h

Presentation of Tuning Games

A Contredanse ASBL / Polymorph project based on the wor of Lisa Nelson.

Form 6PM to 9PM in the big room on the 25th floor.

More details here: http://polymorph.cool/?p=514

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