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F/Lat hosts several workshops & meetings, through which we produce a base of knowledge. We want to formalize & reach out / through ateliers in the frame of 'permanent formation'.

As specific computer knowledge is crucial to digital innovation we propose introduction to digital processes, from Network Interaction to Linux architecture The first classes are planned as soon as november 2015.

planned courses

  • visu-basis : Thursday-evenings; march 3rd till march 24th 2016
  • gstreamer : 3 Saturdays ; april 16th till april 30th 2016
  • biofeedback: Workshop of 2 weekends:30/04-01/05 and 21/05-22/05 from 10h00 till 17h00.
  • axoloti 4 Thursdays late-afternoon/evening in May 2016

(check courses for previous courses)


  • programming: programming / a starters intro– coming May 2016
  • How to render your personnal self quantified data into a small desktop game, Python programming Matplotlib and pygame (natacha pysamedies)
    • Major questions and issues in the quantified self
    • What is this data how is it used
    • How to parse your CSV an make a nice chart of your own
    • Pygame lets us play with images collision and buttons
    • An have it online, some buttons and images in html5 to get your own renders
  • hacking101 (ptr_)bits/bytes signals ; main concepts in digital computing, historical background as such:
    • a digital computer: what is this thing?
    • addresses & data
    • reading data: binary - hex - ascii - TLV - asn.1
    • example: rgb
    • example: serial communication
    • example: ip packets
    • (extra: compression * redundancy)
  • ip networks[edit]
    • looking at packets & protocols : wireshark
    • the internet / routing packets
    • varia ?

But we will certainly keep our concentration and we promise to organize a series of monthly workshops addressing the usages of free and open source technologies for visual and audio artists:

  • Pure data - patching circles
  • Audacity + Ardour3 audio editing/DAW
  • Kdenlive/blender ? cinelerra ? video editing
  • Mixxx (DJ)
  • Mapmap/LPMT (projection mapping)
  • Blender game engine (interactive art)
  • VR for artists and designers : visualisation of projects - VR exploration/experimentation beyond stereo-types (pun intended)
  • e-textile & e-objects with arduino/microcontrollers and Rpi/olinuxino / ESP8226, etc…
  • develop - bindings in OSC, blender/bge, pure-data, websocket
  • code4kids&parents (see wiki) : creative coding and free game sessions for kids and parents
  • introduction to 3D printing
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