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Visu -basiscourse by natacha (natacha roussel)
from march 3rd till march 24th 2016
@ F/LAT (WTC Tower_1, 25th Floor)

Weekly 3h- session in our classroom
(4 Thursday-evenings, doors open 18h, workshop starts 18h30 – going on till 21h30)
+ on-line assistance during the full duration of the course

This course is based on a series of meetings organized with py-samedies in 2015 where we observed the self quantification practices and their corporate imbrications. We tentatively tried to define new technological approaches from a feminist perspective, in free software practices. Some of our processes are documented here: https://github.com/netachepas/pysamedies and theoretical issues are reframed here http://www.lesoiseaux.io/doku.php

  • starting from small set of structured data we will see what a CSV file looks like
  • how to make a simple graph with this data simple python parsing matplotlib
  • an intro to svg and looking at possible playful interaction with data
  • going further svg animation with snap svg to visualize simple data

We ask 70EUR per participant for the full course.

Please fill out your email-address here to subscribe. We'll keep you up to date on progress in setting up this course, preparatory materials, fellow students,…

A F/LAT Quantified-visu course (jan 2016) : Subscription
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Visu -basiscourse by natacha (natacha roussel)
from march 7th till march 24th 2016
@ F/LAT (WTC Tower_1, 25th Floor)

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