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Gstreamer course by ptr_ (pieter heremans)
on Saturdays (10-16h? we can discuss your preference); april 16th till april 30th 2016
@ F/LAT (WTC Tower_1, 25th Floor)

Weekly 3h- session in our classroom
(3 Saturdays time to be defined)
+ on-line assistance during the full duration of the course

gstreamer is a massive software-library for audio/video encoding/transcoding/decoding – it provides multiple user interfaces (commandline, python, c/c++) all with their own possibilities (though we'll focus on the commandline and python-based interfaces in this course) mainly in describing 'pipelines' : a graph based structure describing the needed functionality, and an event-based system to handle clocks/network/user interaction.

  • simple recording & streaming setups
  • setting up & debugging pipelines
  • an intro in different Codecs and Containers
  • rolling your own A/V tools (with bash, python, proce55ing, puredata, C/C++)
  • Examples : a 16-channel audio / video playback, a network-controlled video-player,…
  • Raspberry-Pi specifics (OpenMAX, installation, debugging)

We ask 70EUR per participant for the full course.

Please fill out your email-address here to subscribe. We'll keep you up to date on progress in setting up this course, preparatory materials, fellow students,…

A F/LAT Gstreamer course (april 2016) : Subscription
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Short description:

Gstreamer course by ptr_ (pieter heremans)
Saturdays ; april 23th 20162016
@ F/LAT (WTC Tower_1, 25th Floor)

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