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Blender basis

This course is a introduction to blender.
We will discover the interface of the program , the basis of modelling and scripting.
The purpose of this course is getting you started with this multi-functional software, what ever are your needs. Indeed, we are using blender in many different ways, far beyond the classical 3D production workflow.

To continue your journey into 3D, we organise monthly wrokshops called Blender Brussels.


February 4th
  • presentation of blender
  • starting a new projet
February 11th
  • modelling tools
  • animation tools
  • game engine
  • importing and exporting
February 18th
  • addons repositories & installation
  • scripting
February 25th
  • hands on / special requests
  • help on personal projects

Practical informations

dates : from february 4th till february 18th 2016
hours : 18h30 to 20h30
location : @ F/LAT (WTC Tower_1, 25th Floor) - openstreetmap
fee : 70EUR per participant for the full course.

The access to the building is restricted after 19h (so please be on time…)

Bring your laptop with you.

Please fill out your email-address here to subscribe. We'll keep you up to date on progress in setting up this course, preparatory materials, fellow students,…

A F/LAT Blender course (fev 2016) : Subscription
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