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30/04-01/05 and 21/05-22/05 2016

David Rosenboom performing a blended version of his compositions On Being Invisible and In the Beginning I (Electronic) at El Colegio De México (Mexico City) in 1978. Used by permission. Photographer: unknown.

Biofeedback course by Valery Vermeulen
Workshop on 2 weekends: 30/04-01/05 and 21/05-22/05 2016
@ F/LAT (WTC Tower_1, 25th Floor)

All day session - session in our classroom
(2 full weekends, doors open 9h45, workshop starts 10h00 – going on till 17h00)
+ on-line assistance during the full duration of the course

As starting point of the workshop an overview is presented on how biofeedback was and is used by various artist and in different artistic contexts.

What to expect from this workshop
  • 4 days workshop from 10u00 till 17u00
  • exhibition/presentation moment on last day.
Program of the workshop
  • Introduction into history of biofeedback and how it has been used in the arts in the past and present
  • Introduction into biofeedback and psychophysiology from scientific point of view
  • Basics of sound design using Pure Data en Audacity
  • Practical use of biosensors and connection with digital systems (computer, arduino,Raspberry Pi,…)
  • Hands on training how to read, use and interpret psychophysiological data
  • Elaboration of personal projects under guidance and coaching of the teacher.
  • Finishing of personal project and preparation of exhibition
Available biosensors

OR: BYOB (bring your own biosensor(s)) to use for your own personal project you want to elaborate during the workshop.

We ask 55 EUR per participant for each week-end / 110 EUR for the full course.

Please fill out your email-address here to subscribe. We'll keep you up to date on progress in setting up this course, preparatory materials, fellow students,…

A F/LAT Biofeedback workshop (may 2016) : Subscription
169 -7 = ?

Links for biofeedback:

  1. http://www.emo-synth.com/: website of EMO-Synth project, a multimedia project based on biofeedback by the author of the workshop
  2. http://www.valeryvermeulen.net/: artist website of the author of the workshop
  3. http://econtact.ca/14_2/vermeulen_emosynth.html: paper on EMO-Synth in eContact! 14.2
  4. http://econtact.ca/14_2/: issue of eContact! on 40 years of use of biofeedback for the arts
  5. http://econtact.ca/16_3/vermeulen_affectivecomputing.html: paper on use of biofeedback for artistic purposes in eContact! 16.3
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTrhAB80G70: link to TEDx talk on the EMO-Synth project

Links for software and literature:

  1. https://puredata.info/: Pure Data software
  2. https://processing.org/: Processing software
  3. http://www.pd-tutorial.com/: online book by J. Kreidler on Pure Data
  4. https://flossmanuals.net/pure-data/: Pure Data Floss manual
  5. https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/designing-sound: book on sound design in Pure Data by A. Farnell
  6. http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9781782164647.do: book on programming graphics in Pure Data by B. WC Chung

Links for hardware (Biosensors):

  1. http://www.polar.com/us-en/products/accessories/T31_coded_Transmitter: polar TC31 coded that works with HRMI Sparkfun, ECG sensor
  2. http://www.zephyranywherestore.com/: zephyr wearable technology, ECG sensors
  3. http://www.bitalino.com/: Bitalino sensors, EMG (Eletromyogram) and ECG sensors
  4. http://www.openbci.com/: openBCI project, EEG sensors

Biofeedback course by Valery Vermeulen
Workshop on 2 weekends: 30/05-01/05 and 21/05-22/05 2016
@ F/LAT (WTC Tower_1, 25th Floor)

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