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Why donate

You donate to F/LAT so the artists and technicians connecting there can work freely on what they think it's the most interesting to in the deep of their souls, and help developing work of genuine creativity and intelligence, with the community building there and around For knowledge and interconnection of work to happen, it needs a place and some infrastructures, physicals administrative and technical to exists. F/LAT is like a garden with a lot of diverse species, fruits for all taste and seasons, that we take care of together.

I'm a citizen

F/LAT is deeply involved into the process of bridging the knowledge gap between technology, art and any public that can be. we have experience with all kind of audience, and are friendly opening our project to curious people that would like to learn and share as well as kids, elderly, disabled, transpassing language border often, and working together with other non profit organisation to help self empowerment, through freedom of knowledge and expression. I donate to F/LAT so I support new works and researches, and so I can participate and enjoy in the diverse events and learning process.

I'm an artist

The world has brought us new technological tools that are both sometime magical and curious, in both good and bad ways. We gather at F/AT as artists using and bending technology to our crasy ideas, ahead of our time in how we can work freely on the creative level. F/LAT is a meta-tool to help me not to loose myself in a miror labyrinth of magical codes and a mysterious electronic items and find comforting friends to help master the knowledge (and understand what I do … ;) ) At F/LAT I'll find workshops all year long, and a thread of development on common technologies and savoir-faire that I can rely on, entertain with my project development funds, my participation, and profit from now and in the future. As I open my process, I'll also find there others interested in my work, finding and process, and help bring value to other project in unexpected ways… It opens me doors for application of my skills and art to other domains like science and design that are mediated by some technological process we can build together on open source bases.

I'm a technician/coder/engineer

In the enterprise world, where result are the goal and the process is a cost, liberating the genie that live in us is sometimes difficult, as we have little margin of maneuver. At F/LAT I'll find a friendly place where result are often there but sometimes not where expected. F/LAT is a place where my skills can show their effect on refreshing ideas brought by the serendipity enhancing environment. As opposed to a pure commercial or academical space, F/LAT is a porous world where anything can happen. So following events, workshop, or contributing to the development of the common knowledge and techniques is always rewarding and helps bring back unexpected solutions in the field of my work, and bring me personal satisfaction by fulfilling personal creative and positively challenging goals at my pace.

I'm a company representative

Collaborating with F/LAT, supporting and funding the association is rewarding my company in multiple ways, and helps gains fast karma bonus! The technologies and ideas that gets out of the F/LAT activities are free and open to use (at the respect of their author) and they open an unexcpected number of possibilities for the future of my business. It's a place where I'll find creative ideas, creative and gifted people and where I can also helps the citizens to participate in the technological evolution process so they can take confidence in it. As the artists and technicians there test, bend, anticipate and cross-critique technological uses and abuses, it's a testing ground for my own ideas for future products, services and processes. I can meet there a lot of diverse actors of the society, and quickly get valuable (and true) feedback. F/LAT is a part of my R&D strategy, by filling a pool of precious ethical creative development, generators of ideas or services I can bring to fruition later with my company.

I'm a state representative

The world has changed fast and technological tools are now everywhere while neither mastered nor often used to a minimum of efficiency. Citizens as well as professionals need place for the learning, the development, and the sharing of these new tools that change the paradigm of human communication. At F/LAT I'll find a place where such crossing appears, where a inclusive education is the core process and creativity helps pertinent sprouts to crack out and flourish. F/LAT is a place providing guides and experimentations in regard of the constant development of thechnology and where openness and agility permit quickly to grasp precise glimpse of future developments in the human world of our time. F/LAT is a unique laboratorium to shape the future, where I'll nurture values for the people I represent, in many creative ways.

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