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audio-video live mixing system

F/LAT is inheriting the experience from The Metahub experiments, mixing live signal form multiple sound and image sources, on multiple outputs, displays and locations


see the Metahub

the Open Source Video Lab from Constant is also growing the F/LAT environment http://www.constantvzw.org/site/-Open-Source-Video,114-.html

project in course :

network and distribution

sensors for performance

Digital Graphitti

Open-source fabrication

VR Libre Lab

Virtual Reality Libre Lab

The VR Libre Lab is a laboratory to explore, develop and teach the the open-source technologies and methods of Virtual Reality medium for creative experiences. It is part of the F/LAT platform and open to cross polinisation. We explore all the relevant facets of what is called VR : immediate sensory illusion of space and time displacement mainly trough visual perspective, audio spacialisation and acousmatics, and other sensory interfaces. including : VR helmet or complex cave and video mapping, Audio spacialisation and composition, 3d reconstruction of space, multiple body tracking, sensing and interaction, media interaction, mechanical interaction, …

workshops and meetings and projects :

VR for architecture visualisation

VR for architecture visualisation VR for architecture visualisation VR for architecture visualisation

Educative game converted to VR

Educative game converted to VR

Multi kinect body tracking

other projects :

The 6th element

This project is a novel live audio-visual experience, where a duo of artists plays a concert of intertwined spatialised sounds and electronic music and living 3D elements that fills the space. Available both in dome projection or in (remote) VR, “The 6th element” not only visualise music in VR, but the visuals and the user are part of the music and sound as it arise from the physical process of the abstract world you dive in. The artists behind the project are long time experimenters of new media technologies and have made live and remote A/V concert, installation and performances for more than a decade. Now it's time to dive into VR for a live…

The project is in pre-production phase at F/LAT, an association for R&D and education in FLOSS and digital arts. Production is planned for 2017. Aside from online markets, a network of new-media art centers and scenes is targeted to plan a live tour.

As the development of the project is in FLOSS, the code base for the artwork will be published and workshop organised to help other artists to compose with these new possibilities together.

early development test of sound spectro synch by OSC :



Quantifed-Me wiki :

“This Wiki is tries to summarise notes and critical ressources about current processes at stake in the current augmentation of Body Quantification in contemporary networks. […] ”

Apertus Axiom Open Source Camera projects


the Apertus Axiom Camera is the first and leading fully open source professional camera system, providing amateurs, tinkerers and professionals a versatile tools they can use and abuse to deploy their arts and ideas.

this project is about learning to use the Apertus Axiom Open Source Camera system with multiple setups and goals. It will involve professionals and amateurs of cinema, technicians, directors, artists, coders, hackers, and anyone interested in the versatile and open tools this camera system is.

a First workshop is organised on the 24th of january 2015, at F/LAT space . please register with motivation at init@f-lat.org as places are very limited

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