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 ===== other builds ===== ===== other builds =====
-some are listed on diverse articles of Hackaday+some are listed on diverse articles of [[http://​hackaday.com/​category/​cnc-hacks/​|Hackaday.com]]
   * http://​media.adamziegler.com/​cnc/​   * http://​media.adamziegler.com/​cnc/​
   * http://​www.homofaciens.de/​technics-machines-cnc-v0-6_en_navion.htm   * http://​www.homofaciens.de/​technics-machines-cnc-v0-6_en_navion.htm
 +===== Openbuilds =====
 +a community organizing around the open hardware concept is gathering at http://​openbuilds.com
 +mainly using "off the shelf" but specialized components like aluminum extrusion, many open source CNC milling machine and 3D printers designs are available. ​
 +Use it as inspiration for wood design of pieces.
 ====== electronics ====== ====== electronics ======
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