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existing machine in the same base :




problems :

  • proprietary license
  • imperial metrics
  • if blueprint available, no rights to modify/share

flower router



  • no blueprint available but they say they intend to free the documentation when working
  • in the photos they seems to cut the “flower router” pieces with a greenBull, a larger wood CNC from the blackfoot manufacturer.
  • hope it's not imperial metrics
  • evolution has brought them to redress the router and build it vertically ⇒ has some advantages but not as easy to handle probably…

other builds


a community organizing around the open hardware concept is gathering at http://openbuilds.com mainly using “off the shelf” but specialized components like aluminum extrusion, many open source CNC milling machine and 3D printers designs are available. Use it as inspiration for wood design of pieces.


controller brain

RAMPS (arduino based)

see on reprap.org wiki



Hosni's Board

Hosni is working on a custom board as Study End Year Project, more information here later…

stepper drivers

for a CNC capable of cutting at production rates, we need equivalent of NEMA23 or bigger motors to drive the axis. ⇒ 30V4A class driver needed, exceeding the classical 3d printer setup that don't need powerfull motor for action. Can be usefull for other type of mechanical setup like robot harm, seat simulator, roomsize printer, or cable robot(http://hackaday.com/2015/09/21/3d-cable-robot-uses-the-building-as-its-exoskeleton/ and http://hackaday.com/2015/09/24/cables-and-winches-become-an-awesome-simulator/).


the opensource ecology group build a CNC torch cutter in metal, and powered it with this


brushed motor driver

brushless DC motors


  • From 18 mm plywood (multiplex) sheets, cutted by a same or similar CNC machine
  • First iteration here with a Mogul cnc driven by a LinuxCNC computer with parrallel port.

pieces and studies :

Kress spindle holder

olme.interrenet.be_atelier35_images_pic05.jpg Kress spindle holder with hole for vacuum cleaner tube

source : use with Inkscape with Gcode plugin



based on bicycle gears and chain for easy sampling and replacement


this software can be useful : https://gitlab.com/damien.andre/openmeca

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