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Using Karlax with puredata & blender.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFjPp7-4Ng0 Watch the demo

Karlax only provides tools for MacOSX. Therefore, you need at least one computer running on this OS to use this solution. And, of course, a Karlax device. The complete setup is running on macbook pro connected to the karlax. OSC messages are sent to another laptop hosting blender. We could have done it on a single computer. This setup was the fastest way to get things done.


  1. Download Karlax MIDI bridge from dafact telechargement.
  2. Download Pd-extended from puredata.
  3. Download or clone blender-pd (git repo)

Configuration of Karlax MIDI bridge

We used this configuration to access the data retrieved by the device. A simple pd patch is listening to the midi inputs and transform them in OSC messages.

See karlax_midi-to-osc.pd in the repository.

Once done, you're ready to start with blender.

Pd > Blender


  • avatar_osc-dualscreen.blend with blender 2.69 (may not work with newer versions!)
  • controller-karlax.pd

You should end up with a workspace looking like this:

There's nothing special to do in pd. Just verify that the OSC messages are received.

In blender, read carefully the text at the top left of the interface. It explains the required steps to run the game. The scripts are object-based. Check blender/pydev/GameRoot.py and blender/pydev/ThreadOsc.py for more details.

In short

Karlax is an expert & expansive device. It requires a long training to be mastered to enable its full potential. It's very comfortable, robust and well thought.

Bad points:

  • Conversion of MIDI to OSC is a bad idea. A lot of messages are lost on the way.
  • No windows or linux versions of the application.


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