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As the posthuman body historically maps into the virtual space, encompassing both networked participation and measurements. Most of the time it is not clear how this normalization relates to what could be called the « normal » human being. Stephen Jay Gould has already provided us with a critical history of statistical methods explaining our tendency to reïfication (Gould 1996) and in doing so leaves room and space for contextual construction in quantification and normative processes.

The terrain of cyberfeminism is one that has long been set to promote the idea of virtual kinship Blair, Gajjala, and Tulley (2009) . My argument is that through a valorisation of existing women networks, including feminist hackerspaces it would be possible to find the seeds (Keimformen) of alternative participative health networks.

In this context Gamification sets out a innovative research structure focusing making apearent a complete new set of rules and setting the ground for a collaborative organisation of personnal quantified self data. This process suggests to explore the possibility and the richness of grassroot networks to organise fruitfull health plateforms that would actively complement existing social platforms.

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