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the Apertus Axiom Camera is the first and leading fully open source professional camera system, providing amateurs, tinkerers and professionals a versatile tools they can use and abuse to deploy their arts and ideas.

this project is about learning to use the Apertus Axiom Open Source Camera system with multiple setups and goals. It will involve professionals and amateurs of cinema, technicians, directors, artists, coders, hackers, and anyone interested in the versatile and open tools this camera system is.

a First workshop is organised on the 24th of january 2015, at F/LAT space . please register with motivation at init@f-lat.org as places are very limited

Technical guide

pre-workshop :

working procedure :

The workshop will be divide in two parts

In the first part, the organizers will give a quick presentation of the apertus° project (history and perspectives) and then boot the camera in order to have a live view, explaning each step. Then, every participant will be able to change paramaters and play around with the camera.

In the second part, we will try to record a video, either through an external HDMI recorder or directly making a DNG sequence recorded on the computer. If we have any success, we'll find out how to handle the video/DNG sequence with open source softwares (e.g. blender)

materials :

The organizers will provide the Axiom Alpha Camera, an Ubuntu computer to set it up and a video monitor (HDMI connection) to have a live view.

We are currently looking for an Atomos external recorder.



 http://periactes.com Thanks to Periactes.com for additional material for the workshop.

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