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This is a calendar of events, workshops, lectures,… that are part of the F/LAT program.

This list gathers interesting events from different organizations such as iMAL, Constant vzw, BBUG, Jeudis Du Libre, Hackerspaces, fablabs, etc…

March 2016

2 : VR.Lab Brussels

November 2015

28 : Blender-Brussels

  • Hours : 11:00 → 18:00
  • Location : F/LAT
  • Info : TBA

October 2015

19 : Discussion sur la Monnaie Libre

16-17 : Pysamedies self quantification workshop en amont de l'évènement Unruly Bodies

Présentation du projet de quantified gaming Reassembling Relationships People Systems Things at Deutsh Geselshaft fur design theory http://www.dgtf.de/tg-news

May 2015

19 : Discussion sur la Monnaie Libre

27 : distant concert : Egregore source preformance and after-party

April 2015

March 2015

28 : Blender-Brussels Collaborative Python Scripting

An experiment in Python scripting by coding on the same page, using online collaborative editor

7-8 : Art+Feminism Wikipedia edit-a-thon

Learn how to edit on Wikipedia and promote diversity on the online encyclopedia!

February 2015

28 : Blender-Brussels

Experimental Mesh Generation

7 : Blender-Brussels

Digging Blend4Web

January 2015

24 : Open Source Cinéma : Présentation de l'Axiom 4k

  • Hours : 10:00 → 18:00
  • Location : F/LAT, 45, rue du Canal

18 : CryptoTea

  • Hours : 14:00 → 18:00
  • Location : F/LAT, 45, rue du Canal
  • info : Cryptoparty

Octobre 2014

22 : Projection/débat

“Les Gardiens du Nouveau Monde” + debat avec Cassiopea.org et FIDH

18 : BGE-BPY

Addons in Blender, with Benoit Bolsee

16 au 18 : APREM#4

Ecologie de l'Internet : Pour une troisième époque du web

16 : Neutrinet : VPN Open Beta

meeting and presentation of the open beta phase for the VPN service

09 : LOOP

July 2014

6 -> 12 : Relearn

Relearn is a summerschool with as many teachers as it has participants. It is about sharing and trying Free Culture practices, and is entirely done with Free, Libre and Open Source software. Relearn takes place in Variable, a collectively run F/LOSS Arts Lab in Brussels. It starts from the idea that tools are increasingly mediated by software and the algorithmic and legal dynamics that constraint and shape its use. Reconnecting to the physical and digital material of those tools is a means of (re)asserting ownership and ensuring active participation in the future of our work practices.

April 2014

26 : Introduction to interactive 3D in Blender

During the “semaine numérique 2014”, a Blender-Brussels BPY/BGE workshop will be organized and will introduce you to a more experimental approach to the Blender Game engine and Python programming.

24 : Video editing with KDEnlive

28th edition of Jeudi du libre is about video editing with KDEnlive. Thierry Gavroy will share his experience with Kdenlive, which he uses for his private videos and for the recording of the conferences of Jeudi du Libre.

March 2014

8 : Blender « Lookback »

The subject of the workshop will be “Blender lookback” (as an inspiration or parody of the “Facebook lookback”). The idea is to work on a series of scripts to automate the creation of movies based on images and videos taken from a folder. Ideally, by changing the content of the folder and re-running the scripts, you'd obtain a somewhat same but different movie.

February 2014

8 : Introduction to Python in Blender

An introduction to python programming and its application inside Blender. Workshop organized between David Collignon, François Zajéga and Julien Deswaef

January 2014

10 : expodatacenter

A one evening exhibition with digital art installations, videos projections and live performances in a 1500m² bunker cave complex soon to be used as a datacenter, in the undergrounds of Paris.

03 : Blender shaders

An introduction to shader coding in python for Blender users.

December 2013

21 : Pure Data Patching Circle

open workshop around the project of Natacha Roussel and Pieter Heremans involving Pure Data with X-bee mesh network, RaspberryPi and text to speach synthesis

12 -> 15 : Verbindingen / Jonctions Are You Being Served?

What does it mean to serve and to host? What should server technology of today be about? How to re-appropriate networks for creative experiment?

7 : 3D printer workshop

In this one-day workshop, you will build your own printer together in a small group of enthousiastic printrbot builders. A complete 3D printer kit will be provided., it will be the Wallace++ design which is open hardware.

5 : Introduction to Net Art

This conference illustrated by numerous examples proposes a first introduction to Net Art through connected works beyond the duality of web and screen. Jacques Urbanska (digital artist, performes, web master, community manager) will present artworks that use the Internet as physical connexion tools, as means to reinvint the web or accelerate its dissolution in “real life”.

November 2013

30 : Soft circuit embroidery

Learn how to combine your favorite textiles and electronics…

29 : FREE?!

The debate that opposes the rights of authors and file sharing has been stifled into a virtual trench warfare. FREE?! attempts to answer this question by looking at the alternative offered by the free culture movement, both exploring its potential and the obstacles it encounters.

29 : Blender bpy/bge workshop

The monthly workshop exploring Python programming in the context of Blender, or the other way around. This workshop will be focusing on the use of Blender from the command-line and extracting information from .blend files. The workshop will start with a point of view of the BlenderConf by one (or more) of the attendees.

27 : Arts/Sciences#14: Malcolm Le Grice

Malcolm Le Grice is a film and video artist. He has written critical and theoretical works including a history of experimental cinema and numerous articles on film, video and digital media. In this lecture, Malcolm Le Grice will examine in particular the development of art focussing on the machine, as in Kinetic Sculpture and in the special development of Photography, Film, Video and Digital technology.

27 : De la spatialisation du dessin: Une histoire de l'expansion du médium graphique hors de la feuille de papier

A conference (in french) by Laurence Schmidlin, historian of art.

23 : Pure Data Patching Circle - Extended View Toolkit

workshop : Video mapping and multiview with Pure Data

14 : Workshop on electronics 2

Teaching about main components (resistances, diodes, diodes Zeener, transistors et capacitors,…).

07 : Variable/Loop

The studiobuilding VARIABLE opens its doors every first Thursday of the month for ’LOOP’, an informal moment for everyone who would like to meet the artists, taste the work, see the studio-space. VARIABLE is a ’Free Libre Open Source Software (F/LOSS) Arts Lab’.

04 : Workshop Git

Introduction workshop about Git. Git is a distributed version control system. It keeps the history of your code modifications across time and is great for team work, multiple versions and watching your project grow.

04 : Learn Programming with Python

This is the first part of a 4 hours workshop aimed at helping beginners to programming or to Python getting their hands on the language. The second part will take place on the following Monday. Part 2: http://www.meetup.com/OpenTechSchool-Brussels/events/144891682/

02 -> 03 : Free Libraries for Every Soul

‘Free Libraries for Every Soul’ is an ode to books and libraries. This hackathon will contribute to developing the shape, processes and access to books; from printed matter to e-book, and from typography to algorithm. Hacker and cyber-librarian Marcell Mars, accompannied by Open Source Graphic Designer Femke Snelting will host a hackathon whereby graphic designers, hackers, UX designers, graphic designers, independent publishers and programmers can collaborate to develop today's incarnation for Melvil Dewey’s dream.

October 2013

27 : GNU/linux install party

Come test, click, compare, install, copy any GNU/Linux distribution you may like. Organized by the BxLUG.

26 : Drupal S01/E04

A series of 9 Drupal workshops. Learn how to build a complete website with Drupal.

26 : Pure Data Patching Circles

The Pure Data patching circles are free open workshops organized monthly to gather, share learn and enjoy around the Pure Data software in a creative way. This month session will cover *Hello Data + pdgst*. As more basics are asked, so here we go again. Some more time to catch the fluxes of data. And for the adventurous, some pdgst experiments with video streams and manipulations.

23 : Arduino workshop

In the basic workshop, with Kurt and Lieven, you will learn how you can make, use and program this micro-controller.

22 : Ada Lovelace Day

First time in Belgium, a special event is proposed to gather participants from Brussels region to update/improve/create Wikipedia entries on Women in Computing, Hacking, Digital Culture & more ! Hosted by Catherine Lenoble.

20 : Blender "compositing de passes 3d"

Introduction to compositing tools in Blender. A workshop by Vincent Gires. (Workshop in french)

19 : #CLIfe

#CLIfe is a workshop organized by Michael Murtaugh and Julien Deswaef to teach you the basis of command-line manipulation, show you how useful (lifesaving?) this can be and have some fun with it. For the more advanced users, the workshop is oriented to CLI experimentations and knowledge sharing. Isn’t CLI a lifestyle afterall?

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